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thejokerzeck asked:

Being a famous queen in the position you are there must be a lot of haters and naysayers out there. How do you stay positive and let shit like that roll off your back so easily? You're devil may care attitude is quite envious.


I’m not famous. I am a novelty. I have no clue why anyone would hate me or come upon me and say the word ‘nay’ then bolt. I’m going to be serious with this next sentence though. If you don’t learn the difference between you’re and your, someone will eventually think you’re too stupid to fuck.




 Is it a drawing or is it make-up? That is the question I want people to ask when they see my Pop Art Inspired Make-up Series… I wanted to create an illusion!

And finally here it is. My first Pop Art Inspired Make-up Image from my Pop Art Inspired Series, hope you all like it. There are more edited images from this series to come! I can’t wait to demo this at IMATS London on The Crownbrush stand.

The DreamTeam that made it happen:

Photographer: Roger Charles

Make-up & Hair: Karla Powell

Body Painting: Deborah LoveFollies Face

Model: Julia Aston

Retouching: Ryan Lea Image Retoucher



-No words
This is too cool

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